Monitoring SEO ranking factors

Roadmap is our algorithmic monitoring software that uses competitive intelligence to identify algorithm changes and provides data-driven insights to help steer and future-proof natural search strategies. Google’s algorithm relies on hundreds of variables (ranking signals) to calculate ranking results so we use Roadmap to better understand the priority focus for ranking higher and understand changes in strategy post algorithm updates.

The tool provides market insights at a micro and macro level. Our system is constantly evolving to make sure we’re providing the best search software for SEO professionals. We’re adding more ranking signals all the time so the system will never be out of date, meaning that your search Roadmap will evolve in line with search engine algorithms.

What ranking signals are monitored?

Roadmap currently monitors 158 potential ranking signals for the entire top 100 sites across approximately 2,000 keywords, every single month, providing a significant sized dataset to work with.

The data is collected from a number of sources including Moz, Alexa, Google, Facebook, Twitter, website’s backlink profiles and even our own crawling technology. Gathering this granular information allows us identify commonalities between signals and high ranking sites and steering us on the areas that could have a bigger impact on ranking performance. Plus, while Roadmap is a big-data gathering and reporting system, all the data can be easily exported to perform more detailed analysis.

What are the benefits?

If you are responsible for the natural search delivery or online marketing for your business and want to base future strategies on statistically valid data then Roadmap is for you. It can help you to:

  • Quickly benchmark against overall and industry averages to identify potential performance gaps
  • Immediate access to ranking signal correlation data
  • The ability to see changes in signal correlation pre an post Google updates
  • Ability to segment data by industries and verticals
  • Micro and macro level data about sites that are ranking
  • Access to historic and trended data of top performing websites