Six budding PR professionals took part in an intensive assessment day, where their PR skills, initiative and creativity were put to the test as they were asked to devise and present their own PR strategy for a client campaign.

Candidates received expert insight and advice from Jessica Maccio (Head of PR), Andrew French (SEO Deployment Manager), Katie Fincham (Head of Creative Operations) and Julian Ward (Head of Recruitment) to help them with their PR skillset and to introduce them to the vibrant UK digital marketing sector.

As a strong supporter of digital talent in the Leeds city region, the day was designed to attract the brightest and most creative graduate talent to Stickyeyes, as well as provide every candidate with skills, experience and advice that would support them in their future careers.

Speaking on the event, Jessica Maccio said:

“It is extremely promising to see the standard of PR talent that is right here in the Yorkshire region.

“Stickyeyes is proud to recruit the best and brightest to deliver the very best results for our clients. Events like this are a fantastic way to attract young people and fresh ideas into Stickyeyes, but they also allow us to give something back to graduates in what are undoubtedly difficult times for young people looking for that first career step.

“We hope that all of our candidates, whether successful or otherwise, benefit greatly from the advice and feedback that they have received today and we look forward to running more events like this in the near future.”

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