Wearable tech was the big talking point at Google I/O, with three smartwatches taking the headlines. The other headlines were Google L, Android apps coming to Chromebook and Android Auto – we’ve delved a little deeper into those talking points on the blog.

We also celebrate a major landmark in the world of online retail, as Amazon.com turns 20 years old. On the blog, we’ve compiled the A-Z of Amazon.

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Hello, and welcome to the first ever edition of Stickyeyes’ Digital Minute.

Self-driving cars, connected homes and a new Android developer platform were all hot-topics at Google I/O, but wearable tech was once again the big talking point.

Android Wear is Google’s attempt to really capitalise on the smartwatch market, with three watches demonstrated at I/O. Efforts from Samsung and LG are on sale now but it was the Moto360 that really stole the show – that is due to go on sale later this summer.

This July also marks a major landmark in the world of retail, as Amazon.com celebrates its 20th birthday.

What started out as a humble online bookseller in July 1994 has since grown into the world’s largest online retailer, selling almost everything imaginable and trying to deliver them by unmanned drone.

You can read our tribute to two decades of Amazon, and more about Google I/O, over on our blog.

Thanks for watching. I’ve been Paul Huggett, and that was your digital minute.

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