There are some new time-saving features in the latest update of Google Adwords, with version 10.5 offering a number of features that makes managing your shopping campaigns much, much easier.

Advertisers can now download product groups, upload and check changes and make bulk edits to shopping campaigns, whilst another big change is the introduction of conservative and aggressive targeting optimisation options.

We’ve also been having a look at an update to Google Maps, which has given birth to a completely new form of art.

The new feature, whilst allows you to draw your route ‘as the crow flies’, seems to be capturing the imagination of some creative types.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to a brand new edition of Digital Minute, where we’re talking about two Google product updates.

First up, Google Adwords Editor 10.5 went live early last week, introducing shopping campaign management to the Adwords Editor platform.

Amongst the changes, advertisers can now download product groups, upload and check changes and make bulk edits to shopping campaigns, saving you lots of time.

Another big change was the introduction of Conservative targeting and Aggressive targeting options in targeting optimisation settings, allowing advertisers to attract additional customers through display advertising.

The other update from Google HQ this past week was to Google Maps, which now allows desktop users to click and drag to measure distances between locations.

Essentially, you can “draw” your journey as the crow flies onto Google Maps to calculate the distance, although the feature appears to be creating a whole new form of art!

Thanks for watching. I’ve been Glen Conybeare, and that was your digital minute.

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