There have been some big changes at Bing this week but, amid the departure of long-time Webmaster Outreach Manager Duane Forrester and the restructuring of several other divisions, the search engine has made some other noteworthy changes.

One such change is the inclusion of animated GIFs in image search results, which should be music to the ears of Tumblr bloggers everywhere.

Meanwhile, over in Hungary, plans for an "internet tax" have been shelved after huge protests in Budapest.

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, Bing has made some changes to its image search, and protests in Hungary have forced its government to shelve a planned “internet tax”.

Animated GIFs have seen a huge resurgence in recent years - thanks mainly to the likes of Tumblr and Buzzfeed – and now Bing is making them easier to find.

Bing is now including animated GIFs in its image search results, listing moving image clips alongside the still images that you would expect to find.

The change comes after a tough week for Bing. The search engine is currently restructuring several divisions, with long-time Webmaster Outreach Manager Duane Forrester leaving the search engine last week.

The government of Hungary has been forced into a U-turn over plans to introduce an “internet tax”, after huge demonstrations in Budapest.

Protesters threw computer parts at the headquarters of the ruling party after they proposed a tax that could see individuals and companies paying around 40 pence for every gigabyte of data they download.

Needless to say, the protesters got their message across and plans for a tax have been scrapped.

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