Digital Minute gets noticed!

Subscriber numbers for our video news series Digital Minute are going through the roof, after it was listed as “new and noteworthy” in the iTunes store.

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Despite officially launching just eight weeks ago, Digital Minute is fast approaching the 2,000 subscriber mark, after it was listed as one of iTunes’ “new and noteworthy” podcasts last week.

Digital Minute, which summarises the biggest stories in the world of digital media in just 1:11 seconds, has been available on the iTunes store since its official launch back in September.

This week’s edition of Digital Minute discussed Bing’s decision to include animated GIFs in image search results and the abolition of proposed internet taxes in Hungary.

How to subscribe

To ensure you don’t miss an episode, we’ve ensured you can subscribe in whatever ways suits you. You’ll find Digital Minute on:

We hope you’ll find the series useful and would like to hear your comments and feedback.

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