The introduction of a fully-interactive 360-degree video ad, navigated exclusively with the users finger, as well as a new video player which allows users to detach a video from the News Feed will have a huge impact on Facebook's ever increasing ad revenue and overall video audience.

But, what are the opportunities for brands? We explore in more detail on our blog.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’ve got some interesting video developments from Facebook and, Digital Minute celebrates its first birthday!

At Cannes Lions last month Facebook demo’d a prototype of a fully interactive, 360-degree video ad. Users won’t leave Facebook when they click on the ad, but stay within a dedicated brand microsite.

And, last week they began testing a new video player. While it’s still a little clunky, users can detach a video from the News Feed and move it anywhere in their browser window while they keep scrolling, liking and commenting on posts.

All these new developments have huge benefits for Facebook and their ever increasing hold on ad revenue and overall video audience. But, they also bring a raft of new opportunities for brands.

We can’t recall ever being able to get so hands on with branded content before. So, tailored to the right audience we could really start to see a fantastic two way relationship between brands and their customers.

We’ve gone into more detail on the potential for brands over on our blog.

Thanks for watching. I’m James Bell and that was your Digital Minute.

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