Organic search is one of the key consumer touch-points and as a result, it has an enormous influence on the digital success of any brand.

But the way in which we think about organic search, and search engine optimisation, has changed dramatically. SEO, as a marketing discipline, has taken on an entirely new role and has become a critical component of a brand’s entire digital strategy. It’s no longer possible to see search engine optimisation as an isolated activity, kept separately from a brand’s other core marketing and communication channels. Instead, SEO has become an integral part of that marketing and communications strategy.

Google algorithm updates that specifically targeted what it deemed to be negative optimisation tactics, cynically deployed in order to game search rankings, had a profound impact on the notion of SEO. Many brands found themselves falling foul of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, putting these ‘Black Hat’ techniques under the spotlight.

But search marketing, or at least, modern, sustainable search marketing is almost unrecognisable from what it was at the time Penguin and Panda ravaged the search rankings. SEO has become much more considered, much more focused on the needs of the end user and, ultimately, much more of an embedded marketing discipline.

In short, “SEO” has been completely redefined.

The latest Stickyeyes Whitepaper: Redefining “SEO”: What your agency should be telling you in 2016, explains just how “SEO” has been transformed from an isolated, technical discipline into a fundamental part of a brand marketing and communication strategy. It will highlight why your brand needs to embrace this new attitude towards SEO and explain the skills and the approach that your brand, and your agency, needs in order to deliver a balanced strategy that delivers sustainable return on investment.

This guide will help you and your brand understand:

  • How you can ensure that your agency partners are delivering a modern and sustainable digital strategy.
  • How audience insight is critical to ensuring that your digital strategy is performing across all platforms and customer touch-points.
  • What skills you need to deploy an effective digital strategy that delivers a return on investment.
  • How to identify when your digital agency is failing to understand how your audiences interact with your brand online.

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Download your free copy