We are delighted to launch our free Content Optimisation Tool, which will for the first time allow brands to get a free assessment of their on-site content marketing strategy.

Based on our bespoke programme, SCOT (Stickyeyes Content Optimisation Tool), you can now get a quick and easy appraisal of which pages are performing for the keywords that matter to your brand.
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SCOT was developed by Stickyeyes to automate the laborious process of identifying which pages are the best to target for a given keyword, especially across large keyword datasets. By taking specific URLs, SCOT performs a crawl of the site – similar to how Google discovers the URLs it chooses to rank – and reports on how well optimised a page is for particular keywords.

Stickyeyes has been using this tool for over three years, and we have been able to identify game-changing insight for a number of major brands.

Introducing the Content Optimisation Tool

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This latest version, which is powered by the same technology behind SCOT, is designed to provide a snapshot of the performance of your website content. Not only will it reveal how you stack up against the competition, but also how you can improve your pages for those keywords. The tool even provides you with an easy to understand score for the URLs that you want to assess.

This level of detail makes it possible to prioritise areas for improvement and get those all-important “quick wins”, as well as plan a longer-term content optimisation strategy.

Highlighting the value of relevancy


With relevancy such an important part of search engine ranking algorithms, SCOT plays a vital role in helping us to drive our digital strategies.

Using SCOT, we are able to map enhancements in on-site relevancy against performance – just look how we did it for one international retail brand.

Competitor Benchmarking


Using SCOT, we have also been able to assess a brand’s performance against their competition – providing a clear competitive benchmark. Here’s how Shoe Zone stacked up when we ran the numbers.


Content Depth


The depth of your site is also an important factor, and SCOT takes care of that too. This makes it much easier to plan a functional content strategy – and benchmarks just what volume of content is likely to be necessary in order to compete.

Get your free content optimisation report and see how your content stacks up.