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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, this week we’ll be looking at another customer service update from the social giant, Twitter.

Twitter has become an almost integral part to digital strategies with more and more users tweeting their favourite brands in the hope of getting an immediate response to their comments, queries and complaints.

Twitter has so far seized on that trend with the introduction of features, such as feedback tools, direct messaging and now a ‘responsive indicator’.

Brands will now be able to indicate that their profile provides support and at what time this support is available between.

In addition, brands that take advantage of this new feature will also acquire a ‘responsive indicator’ when someone searches for a brand’s profile, mentions it in a tweet or looks it up in direct messages.

Although it only launched last Thursday this feature has already received a positive response from both brands and users alike, citing the ability to improve communication between the two and in turn, customer satisfaction.

Could this be enough to fend off Facebook’s latest initiative, ‘messenger bots’? Only time will tell.

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Thanks for watching, I’m Vincent Krasauskas and that was your digital minute.

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