Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, this week we’re taking a closer look at the changes Google has made to keyword targeting.

When is ‘exact’ not exact? Well, that’s the question that Google has raised recently after announcing that it is changing the way that it handles ‘exact match’ keywords in Adwords.

Previously, advertising on an exact keyword term meant exactly that – your ad would appear for that term, and no other variation of it.

From April, bidding on an exact match term could actually see your ad appear for a range of other keywords.

Your ad will still show if your keywords are in reverse, or if it includes other qualifying words.

So if your keyword was 'Digital Minute' you would still see an add for 'minute digital' or 'the digital minute'.

This means that the keyword coverage for your exact match ad campaign has potentially multiplied in a very short space of time.

Google estimates that the change will lead to a 3% increase in ad clicks, but there is a clear risk that costs may increase, so you need to be alert.

We’ve explained this in more detail – and our recommended solution, over on our blog.

Thanks for watching. I’m Sarah Barker, and that was your Digital Minute.