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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute where this week we’re looking at the rapid development of visual search.

Brands like Pinterest and Amazon have started to use “machine learning solutions” to deliver answers to our everyday dilemmas, all with the aid of image search.

In online home retailer, Wayfair’s case, customers may be searching for a product they've seen in a magazine or at a friend's house.

Using the camera icon on the's search bar, they can take a picture or upload one from their phone, returning visually similar items.

For brands who want to gain a competitive edge, it’s clear they’re going to need to start thinking about a camera strategy pretty quickly.

We've discussed the details and implications in more detail over on our blog, and don't forget to check out our whitepaper library to unlock more digital marketing insight.

Thanks for watching. I’m Scott Malthouse, and that was your Digital Minute

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