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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute. This week, we’re looking at big developments with Google and mobile search.

It looks like Google is testing a new results page for its mobile search results, after a new page layout was spotted last week.

The new layout appears to show fewer ads, includes the website URL at the top of the search card, and adds a touch more colour to each card, with Google’s colour dots appearing on the corner.

The design appears to only be a test at the moment, but it comes after a series of recent developments surrounding Google and mobile search.

Last week Google’s John Mueller hosted a Webmaster Central hangout, in which he discussed a number of issues surrounding the widely anticipated mobile-first search index – now expected in 2018.

Mueller discussed the issue of responsive design, which Google will prefer to so-called “m-dot” sites and explained how the new mobile-first index will roll out.

Essentially, the index will roll out on a site-by-site basis as and when sites become ready, so the most ‘mobile-friendly’ sites will join the new index first.

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Thanks for watching. I’m Anne-Christine Charigault, and that was your Digital Minute.

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