Does Google see Marketing Tech and automation as a key part of its plans to introduce more machine learning and artificial intelligence to its advertising platforms.

Last week Google strengthened its relationship with the marketing automation platform Marketo, announcing that Marketo’s services will now be hosted by Google’s Cloud platform, and allowing the Marketo’s users to leverage Google services such as Gmail, Sheets and Hangout Chats for faster marketing content development and deeper engagement with customers and prospects.

The move is seen as Google attempting to close the gap between AdTech and MarTech platforms, as it looks to introduce more machine-based learning and artificial intelligence as a way to optimise its ad services.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we’re asking whether Google is looking at Marketing Tech as a way to advance it’s artificial intelligence ambitions.

Google announced a closer partnership with the marketing automation platform Marketo last week, in a move seen my many as the search engine looking to “bridge the gap” between advertising technology, and marketing technology.

Google is investing heavily machine learning to improve its advertising products, and the closer relationship with Marketo is seen by some as a way for Google to understand how organisations are using marketing technology to engage with prospects and customers.

The more that Google can understand about those user habits and behaviours, the more insight that it has to power the artificial intelligence that it is trying to use to improve its Ad Tech platforms.

The more that data flows seamlessly between the two parties, the more targeted organisations can become in their content marketing activities and the more that marketing and ad tech platforms can understand about how their target audiences interact with them.

We’ve taken a more detailed look over on our blog.

Thanks for watching, I’m Becky Baines, and that was your Digital Minute.

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