Speaking at Advertising Week New York, YouTube’s Tara Walpert Levy, announced a series of new tools and features that it believes will make it easier for brands to reach more targeted audiences, and deliver more personalised content to those audiences.

The features include tools that will make it easier to measure the impact of advertising, both online and offline, and features that will automatically “piece together” content elements to find the most appropriate ad for that user.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Jasmine and on today’s Digital Minute, we’re talking a closer look at YouTube’s promise to improve audience targeting for advertisers.

YouTube is on the charm offensive to advertisers, announcing a range of new tools and features that it hopes will allow brands to offer more personalised and relevant ads to their audiences.

Speaking at Advertising Week New York, YouTube bosses discussed new features to help brands deliver more relevant content, identify how likely a user is to purchase, and better understand the effectiveness of their ads.

One such feature would allow brands to create hundreds of different content elements and variations, which the software would then put together to deliver a personal message to each user.

Other ideas include a feature to show a user multiple ads, at different times, in a certain order, as well as tools to make measurement much easier.

The announcement comes after a tough year for advertisers on YouTube – many of whom pulled campaigns after they were associated with extremist content. So will these features win them back? We try to answer that question over on our blog.

Thanks for watching, I’m Jasmine Kendal, and that was your Digital Minute.

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