We are back at London’s ExCeL for the B2B Marketing Expo on 21-22 March 2018, where we will once again be hosting a series of free digital marketing masterclass sessions throughout the two days.

This year, we have more speakers and we’re covering more topics than before, as we explain how B2B marketers can improve their SEO, content marketing, marketing automation, outreach and lead generation in 2018.

Here’s just a flavour of some of the topics that we’ll be discussing in 2018.

What your SEO agency should be telling you in 2018

What are the big issues in search for 2018 and beyond, and what do brands need to do in order to take advantage of those big opportunities and emerging trends? SEO Lead, Jack Nottidge, shares his views.

Building and optimising an automation strategy to take your sales and marketing to the next level

Demand Generation Director, Phil McGuin, will explain how brands can implement and optimise an marketing automation strategy that delivers significant improvements in sales and marketing operations.

How to create a fully integrated digital strategy

Digital marketing doesn’t work in silo. The whole business, from the SEO and PR team, right through to your customer service teams, needs to be a part of that process. We explain how you can build a culture where digital can thrive.

How to identify your target audience and transform them from customers to advocates through amazing content

Most B2B marketers focus their efforts on reaching the CEO, but they are rarely the person that you can – or need to - engage. We discuss who you should be focusing your marketing on, and how you can reach them.

Making the mundane inspiring: Creating compelling and effective content, no matter what you sell

Content Marketing Manager, Michael Hewitt, will discuss how brands can develop engaging and effective content, even for the most mundane of products.

What your B2B outreach strategy should look like in 2018

Looking at the key outreach trends of 2017, PR Campaign Managers, Scott Malthouse and Chloe Rushworth, look at the tools, techniques and strategies that you should be adopting to get more value from your content in 2018.

Find us at stand 1550 at the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCeL, London Docklands, from 21-22 March 2018. If you can't make it to the event but would like to see our presentations, complete the form below and we'll send them to you as soon as the show closes.

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