With rich snippets playing a big role in projects such as voice search, Google is developing them to provide more detailed and more customisable answers.

The new features will provide more information in the search result and, in cases where there may be more than one answer to a query, will allow users to refine their answer without leaving the Google search result.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Rebecca and on today’s Digital Minute, we’re taking a closer look at why Google has decided to “reintroduce” its featured snippets.

Featured snippets have been a common sight on Google search results for some time, and we’re now used to seeing the answer to our question appear right there on the search result page. But that hasn’t stopped Google from “reintroducing” them last week – and they announced some new features while they were at it.

Google’s new Public Liaison for Search, Danny Sullivan, posted a blog last week to “reintroduce” the idea of featured snippets, and announced a number of new developments.

The biggest change is that these snippets would now be getting bigger, and would include multiple answers to deliver the most appropriate answer to the user query. The new feature would also let the user refine their own query, in cases where a question could have more than one answer.

Featured snippets are likely to be a big focus area for Google as it looks to develop its voice search projects, and steal a march on rivals like Amazon Alexa.

Ryan Saltmer from our SEO team has blogged about this in more detail, so make sure that you check that out. Thanks for watching, I’m Rebecca Chambers, and that was your Digital Minute.

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