Digital Minute is 100 episodes old. Over that time, we’ve picked up a lot about video marketing, but how can you apply our experience of 100 episodes and apply it you your video marketing strategy?

When you produce 100 episodes of a video series, you inevitably come up against some challenges and some successes along the way. So as we celebrate a century of Digital Minutes, we wanted to share some of our learnings over the course of this series, and how you can apply them to your video marketing strategy.

What 100 episodes of Digital Minute has taught us about video marketing.

Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Lisa.

And I’m Michael.

And welcome to the very special one hundredth episode of Digital Minute!

Digital Minute is 100 episodes old today, and we wanted to look back at the last four years of Digital Minute, and to thank you for watching us every fortnight.
Yes, after a century of episodes, more than twenty-seven thousand of you have collectively watched nearly 2 million seconds of video.

We’ve covered a lot since that first episode – Google algorithm changes, the row over brand protection, big social media developments and new ad technologies.
We’ve had 53 different presenters from every team in Stickyeyes, two new looks, lots of bloopers and even an Oreo-eating contest.

But it isn’t just about us. There’s a lot that we can share about video marketing after 100 episodes of Digital Minute, and we’ve pulled together some of those insights and learnings over on our blog.

So once again, as we celebrate this milestone in the only way we know how, we want to thank you for watching this and our previous 99 episodes of Digital Minute – here’s to the next 100!

Thanks for watching. I’m Lisa Wisniowski…

And I’m Michael Hewitt

And that was your Digital Minute.

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