Our last online casino market analysis saw Admiral Casino ranked in top position but, whilst the brand is still ranked as one of the market leaders, Grosvenor Casino is now winning the race.

Our analysis of 353 of the most commercially important non-brand keywords in the space has seen an increase of 143.3% in organic monthly non-brand traffic for Grosvenor from 42,185 visits, up from 17,399 organic visits per month in July last year. All from the same keyword set.

This increase can be attributed, by and large, to the brand increasing it’s position for the biggest market keyword, ‘casino’ to first from sixth position. This one keyword has contributed to 57% of Grosvenor’s overall growth in traffic.

They also have rankings for five of the six next largest keywords, including “slots”, “online casino” “online slots”, “casinos” and “online casinos”.

We see their nearest competitors, over and above Admiral, are Netbet.co.uk and 32Red.com

But why has Admiral taken such a hit?

If we look at our analysis from July 2020, we see Admiral leading the way in the market by a significant amount.

The brand had over 67,000 monthly clicks from organic non-brand search when compared to second place 32 Red with 17,999 monthly clicks - a significant lead in such a competitive market.

A change in search volume could be part of the challenge, a change that will be most felt by brands who rank successfully for many of the high volume terms in the market. If we take a look at Google Trends data we saw an unprecedented spike in activity around July 2020, the tail end of which we’ll have caught in our analysis around that time, but generally search volumes have fallen significantly:

  • Casino – from 74,000 to 60,500
  • Slots – from 60,5000 to 33,100
  • Blackjack – from 33,000 to 27,100
  • Roulette – from 18,100 to 12, 100

But it seems that Admiral are losing ground for some of their most commercially important keywords despite having the broadest keyword coverage in this iGaming sub-sector. Clearly we’re starting to see more equilibrium with the market becoming much more competitive with more brands winning a share of prime real estate online.

You can read Stickyeyes analysis of the online casino search results in full, along with our SEO tracker archive on the EGR site (subscription required) - https://egr.global/marketing/author/stickyeyes/