Are video ads coming to Google Search?

Could brands soon start being able to promote their YouTube content as a Google search ad? That’s the question that has been raised after Google was spotted trialling a new approach to promoted video in the search results.

Nov 13th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Why promoted YouTube ads could be coming to Google search results

Is Google revisiting its long-held ambitions to bring promoted video ads into the search results page?

Nov 13th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Instagram can still be a positive influence on the travel sector, but its time to refocus on the authenticity of influencers.

Despite a year of negative press, the travel sector still has much to gain from the rise of influencers and the power of ‘Instagramability’. But in order to reap those rewards, it needs to re-think just who the industry’s influencers really are.

Nov 6th 2018

by Grant Woodward

Google issues new page speed warnings

Google has been issuing warnings in the Google Search Console to warn website owners about slow-loading web pages – with the warnings containing much more specific data than before.

Oct 30th 2018

by annechristine

Join our webinar series - Mapping out your digital strategy for 2019 - on 21st November 2018

Stickyeyes, Reprise Media and Zazzle Media will join forces for a day of presentations that will take you through the key challenges that your brand's digital strategy will need to address in 2019.

Oct 24th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Stickyeyes partners with Breadwinner, the hand-picked, personally recommended agency service

We're thrilled to be partnering with the Breadwinner agency service which brings together a number of amazing agencies in one easy to search site. Stickyeyes comes highly recommended as one of the very best, data led performance agencies in the country.

Oct 23rd 2018

by Lisa Wisniowski

Four key tools for analysing your content performance

Putting your company's content under the microscope and discovering how it’s performing against your KPIs is crucial. Here are the top tools to use.

Oct 23rd 2018

by Becky Baines

Maximising the impact of your influencer campaign

Find out how to maximise the impact of influencer marketing in your next campaign, from bloggers to Instagram stars, identify some of the key considerations.

Oct 23rd 2018

by Phoebe Dixon

Seven notable design trends that we have spotted in 2018

Design and development team members from Stickyeyes, Zazzle and IPG partner agencies Mubaloo and UM sat down recently to discuss emerging and growing trends in web design, development and UI.

Here’s a roundup of the teams’ picks from the past few months.

Oct 23rd 2018

by Andy Duke

Stickyeyes shortlisted for two Drum US Search Awards

Stickyeyes has been shortlisted for two awards at The 2018 Drum US Search Awards for our work with Kroger Money Services.

Oct 23rd 2018

by Michael Hewitt