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Stickyeyes Brand Communications Director, Lisa Wisniowski named in BIMA 100 2021

Stickyeyes Brand Communications Director, Lisa Wisniowski has been named in BIMA 100, a list of the most influential people in the UK’s digital and tech community.

May 6th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

Five key findings from our home furnishings retail report

The Stickyeyes Home Furnishings Search Marketing Intelligence Report examined almost 20,000 keywords and more than 35,000 individual brands and URLs. What we found was that whilst one brand leads the way, there are several opportunities in the market for the competition to win back traffic.

Apr 28th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

SEO News Monthly Roundup - April 2021

In our SEO News Roundup this month we take a look at the many Google updates on Core Web Vitals, Google Ads, Structured Data and much, much more.

Apr 14th 2021

by Lauren Doncaster

What's in your blog?

From hub of all inspirational and engaging content to a dumping ground for everything from press releases to product updates, the business blog has lost its way in recent years. But it still can play a vital part in your content strategy.

Apr 7th 2021

by Jonathan Brown

Stickyeyes Group shortlisted at European Search Awards and Company Culture Awards

We've been shortlisted for seven awards for our work with Etihad and Science in Sport (SiS) at the European Search Awards as well as for our agency culture at the Company Culture Awards.

Mar 30th 2021

by Lisa Wisniowski

Migration 101 (not 404): Download the slides

Download Richard's slides from his presentation, Website 101, not 404, from BrightonSEO 2021

Mar 26th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

Why you should join us at BrightonSEO for Website Migration 101 (not 404)

This week, we’re talking SEO migrations at BrightonSEO. Senior SEO Lead Richard Hird takes to the virtual stage, and here’s why you should join us.

Mar 22nd 2021

by Richard Hird

What you’ll get from the in-house marketer’s guide to maximising your user search experience.

As part of BrightonSEO 2021, we’re teaming up with our friends at Zazzle Media to provide a free, self-guided training programme to help in-house marketers enhance and optimise the experience that they provide to their search users. Here’s what you’ll get from the programme, and why you should sign-up.

Mar 17th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

Katie Fincham presents at The CMA's Women in Content event for International Women's Day

Stickyeyes Earned Communications Director, Katie Fincham, joined The CMA panel on Women in Content to celebrate International Women's Day 2021. Alongside amazing speakers from Bloomberg and SevenC3 who produce Sainsbury’s magazine brand, Katie spoke about the power of connections and embracing change alongside eight other things she's learn in a decade in content marketing. Catch up on the event and read Katie's thoughts.

Mar 16th 2021

by Lisa Wisniowski

Five characteristics of high-quality content

High-ranking content isn’t always the highest quality content. However, browsing the top search engine results pages (SERPs) for anything from recipes for your favourite dish to a how-to guide for cleaning the patio will reveal a few things about the way such content is created and curated.

Mar 15th 2021

by Vincent Krasauskas