We're going to The Drum Search Awards

Stickyeyes is going back to The Drum Search Awards for 2019, having been nominated for our Google Shopping Ads work with a global fashion brand. 

Mar 14th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Stickyeyes finds its passion points

As we celebrated our passion value, 14 people from across the agency  took centre stage in our latest Cocktail Club to talk about their big passions, and what makes them tick.

Mar 14th 2019

by Peter Adams

AI text generators are coming – but it’s no reason for content marketers to panic

Artificial intelligence is coming to the world of content. But it’s not something that content creators need to fear – it can actually help them to become better marketers.

Feb 28th 2019

by Steve Clarkson

What do banking brands need to do to put themselves in position for the new ISA year?

The new tax year also brings with it a new ISA year, with banking brands clamouring to put themselves in the frame for customer investments. Unfortunately for those banks, the comparison engines are very much are dominating the search results.

Feb 15th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Five emerging design and development trends

The Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media Design and Development teams got together to discuss some of the trends that they have noticed, and how brands are embracing new techniques and technologies.

Feb 15th 2019

by Andy Duke

Finding the killer angles for your outreach campaign

Just how do you find that crucial angle to cut through the noise and get your story heard? In the crowded media market, it needs smarter thinking to ensure that your outreach campaign is a success. 

Feb 6th 2019

by Aimee Sutcliffe

How specialist retailers can out-perform the major supermarket brands by becoming trusted experts in their niche

Can specialist retailers steal traffic from some of the biggest ecommerce brands in the UK? We discussed it over a drink or two.

Feb 1st 2019

by Alex Howland

What should be in your content plan in 2019

2018 was a big year for content marketing strategy but, after a series of changing trends from Google and consumers, what should your content strategy look like in 2019? 

Feb 1st 2019

by Vincent Krasauskas

How breaking down the barrier between organic and paid helps you to get more from your agencies

How breaking down the silos that keep organic and paid search apart can help you to encourage the right behaviours from your agencies and generate greater return on investment.

Jan 24th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Six things your digital agency should be telling you in 2019

Just what does and does matter in digital marketing and SEO in 2019? Here are six things that your agency should be telling you about in the next twelve months.

Jan 24th 2019

by Michael Hewitt