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Stickyeyes celebrates its virtual passions

Stickyeyes' annual passions event might have taken a virtual twist this year, but that didn't stop us celebrating the things that make us tick.

Feb 19th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

5 ways to future-proof your biddable media strategy in 2021

Earlier this month, Google announced its latest changes to Google Ads and, more specifically the phasing out of modified broad match modifier keywords. With more changes on the horizon we look at what actions you can take now to ensure your biddable media campaigns are in the best shape possible for the year ahead.

Feb 16th 2021

by Tony Booth

SEO News Monthly Roundup - February 2021

In our SEO News Roundup this month we take a look at common misconceptions with the Google URL removals tools, Google's latest algorithm SMITH, new metrics in Bing Webmaster tools and Google’s John Mueller clearing confusion about their mobile-first index.

Feb 16th 2021

by Tatjana Batjaev

How to create an effective PR survey

Want to create media buzz from a survey? Find out how to plan, execute and analyse the data from a PR survey to get the best bang for your buck.

Feb 1st 2021

by Joseph Marczynski

Why digital PR is on the agenda when it comes to SEO

The role that digital PR plays in the context of SEO strategy has been thrust into the limelight following a tweet from Google’s John Meuller. For Google’s search advocate, digital PR should not be seen as some “spammy kind of link building” but instead, a critical part of search engine marketing.

Jan 27th 2021

by Chloe Rushworth

Why does Select Car Leasing dominate the market online?

In the vehicle leasing sector, one brand seems to dominate the market. But why does Select Car Leasing command such a high proportion of the traffic from organic search? We explore three potential factors.

Jan 21st 2021

by Michael Hewitt

SEO News Monthly Roundup - January 2021

Our first SEO update of 2021 covers Google's new FAQ page, a reminder of the December 2020 update and, the return of the request indexing tool.

Jan 14th 2021

by Joe Potter

Four key findings from our vehicle leasing report

As interest in car leasing grows from consumers, one brand leads the way online. But there's much more behind the story of the search results than perhaps meets the eye. Here are the four key findings from our vehicle leasing search report.

Jan 10th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

Eleven predictions for search and digital in 2021

As we head towards 2021, there is a lot that we can learn from the last twelve months. But just how much will that shape how marketers and consumers behave in the coming year? We asked the Stickyeyes team for their views on what they think will be the big talking points.

Dec 17th 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Christmas campaigns 2020: The COVID approach

In a year like no other, just what are the narratives that are shaping the festive commercial messaging in 2020?

Dec 16th 2020

by Hannah Scorfield