Content Marketing

How social media algorithms are restricting brand content distribution, and six ways to overcome them

The reach of your content on social media is falling, and search engines are now answering the same questions that you used to answer. We look at why that is, and what you can do to overcome the algorithms that are hiding your content form your audiences.

May 17th 2017

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

Defining the perfect B2B content strategy

How do you make sure that you make your investment in content marketing pay off in the B2B sector? We look at how to make your content work as hard as possible.

May 11th 2017

by Grant Woodward & Scott Malthouse

Content Marketing

It is a marketer’s job to analyse data

A recent report claimed 64% of marketers don’t think it is their job to analyse data, but with so many brands struggling to generate the right results from their content marketing, and consumers getting more and more irrelevant content thrown at them, isn’t it time to make it your job?

May 8th 2017

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

How one retail brand hit the sweet spot with its content distribution strategy

We talk a lot about how you need to use multiple channels and techniques to really hit the right audiences at the right time. But of course, you need to put the theory into practice. See how one retailer did just that and saw amazing results.

May 1st 2017

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

How to create engaging and effective functional content

Functional content is the lifeblood of any content marketing campaign - so how do you make sure that you get it right?

Apr 20th 2017

by vincentbecky

Content Marketing

3 things marketers can learn from Fake News

Stickyeyes’ Content Director Danny Blackburn – a news journalist in a previous life – considers the lessons marketers can learn from the Fake News phenomenon.

Mar 21st 2017

by Danny Blackburn

Content Marketing

The 5Cs your content marketing strategy needs

What are the biggest factors that are holding back your digital marketing strategy? The chances are, you're missing at least one of these five C's.

Feb 8th 2017

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

The key challenges of global marketing campaigns

If you work in an international office, you will understand the challenge of achieving equal levels of success across all of the markets you operate in through one centralised campaign.

Feb 1st 2017

by annechristine