Design & Development

Images that make an impact for your brand

Multimedia designer James Pierechod discusses the importance of visuals in making sure that your content gets seen by the crowd.

Oct 2nd 2014

by James Pierechod

Design & Development

5 Things To Avoid When Optimising Your Website For Search

We look at five mistakes that can be easily avoided when designing your site with SEO in mind.

May 7th 2014

by Greg Meek

Design & Development

Have you responded to the evolution in email design?

Talk of email marketing’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. Responsive design has put new life into this old-school digital marketing technique, claims Senior Designer Graham McDonnell.

Apr 28th 2014

by Graham McDonnell

Design & Development

How design increases social sharing

Recent changes to marketing strategy have led brands to the realisation that producing brilliant content can have added benefits though social sharing.

Apr 22nd 2014

by Greg Meek

Design & Development

Has responsive design made mock-ups irrelevant?

With design now much more responsive, are web designers wasting their time with mock-ups? Nathan Aucott ponders why people still insist on seeing website mock-ups.

Apr 8th 2014

by Nathan Aucott

Design & Development

Five key considerations for launching multilingual websites

Having recently launched 12 multilingual sites to support our growing international presence, our Head of Design and Development, Greg Meek, shares his thoughts on what brands can do to optimise their own sites for international markets.

Nov 14th 2013

by Greg Meek

Design & Development

Challenge: Finding a cost effective solution to issues with traffic spikes

Reducing the impact of traffic spikes through page request caching.

Mar 28th 2013

by Jamie Shields

Design & Development

Top tips for responsive web design: a case study

With Google recently announcing that responsive web design is their recommended configuration, our Design and Development team show how we implemented best practice techniques as part of our recent rebrand of Read on for our top tips on using these techniques in your own web site build.

Jul 6th 2012

by Greg Meek