What you need to know about AdWords Price Extensions

Google is rolling out Price Extensions to Google Adwords, a move that could offer greater rewards for those brands willing to risk a potentially higher CPC. We take a look at what it means for you.

Jul 26th 2016

by Jamie Shaw


Are dedicated landing pages key to success in football betting search?

With a new Premier League season on the horizon and buzz around Euro 2016, bookmakers need to address the all-important search tactics that are key to standing out from the pack.

Jul 10th 2016

by William Hoyle


How hard is your content working for your digital strategy?

How hard is your content working to support your digital strategy? Find out with our free Content Optimisation Tool.

Jun 29th 2016

by Michael Hewitt


The basics of improving your website's page loading times

There is one factor that can cause your visitors to stop dead in their tracks and leave your site never to return, what is this all powerful factor that can ruin all your plans to be the next Amazon or Reddit? Loading speed.

Jun 17th 2016

by Andy Duke


Content remains key for sports bookmakers

The search market in football betting is highly competitive – so which of the bookmakers are set to be market leaders during Euro 2016?

Jun 10th 2016

by Phil McGuin


Twitter relaxes its 140 character limit - Three reasons why you should care

Twitter is introducing yet another new policy; this time one which gives you potentially more room for content. We’ve looked at three key benefits that you should consider.

May 31st 2016

by Michael Hewitt


Foxy Bingo continues to dominate, as mobile overtakes desktop in online bingo

Our latest analysis of the online bingo sector tells us that mobile gaming is becoming increasingly important, and that Foxy Bingo are strengthening their grip on the market.

May 10th 2016

by William Hoyle


Choosing the right influencers for your campaign

Influencers now speak to a huge proportion of the audience that you want to reach, so how do you ensure that you're choosing the right one for your campaign?

Apr 21st 2016

by Phoebe Dixon