[Webinar] Creating a Business Culture that is built for digital success

SEO, as a marketing discipline, has taken on an entirely new role and has become a critical component of a brand’s entire digital strategy. Join our webinar, 9th March 2016 (12:30 - 13:30 GMT).

Mar 2nd 2016

by Jamie Shaw


Why casino brands are consolidating their social channels

Online audience engagement is a big deal for the main casino brands, and many of them are turning to consolidation to make the most of this vital marketing tool.

Feb 10th 2016

by Phil McGuin


Who is the market leader in the online bingo SERPS?

Many gaming brands follow the misconception that their customers will automatically fit into a very broad demographic bracket and in turn ignore the importance of understanding their audience.

Jan 28th 2016

by William Hoyle


Mortgage market holds strong in 2015

The mortgage market accounts for almost half of the online financial services market in the UK, with much of this volume driven by one keyword. We take a look at why the mortgages market has become the primary driver of digital activity in the banking sector.

Jan 28th 2016

by Michael Hewitt


How to avoid the pitfalls of Hreflang tagging

If you have a multi-national business then it’s vital that you get your hreflang strategy right. With revenue and global brand reputations on the line, why are so many companies still getting in wrong?

Jan 20th 2016

by Mike McDougall


Switching initiative encourages much more competitive current accounts market

Efforts to reduce customer inertia in the current accounts market has resulted in a much more competitive search market, according to the Stickyeyes Consumer Finance Intelligence Report.

Jan 18th 2016

by Michael Hewitt


Charity feasts, team treats and two 10ks: A year in the life at Stickyeyes

Life at Stickyeyes is anything but “all work and no play”. In 2015 we’ve put our bodies (and our waistlines) on the line for some excellent causes, whilst putting on some superb events for all of our employees. Here, we look back at just what has seen Stickyeyes once again earn Best Companies accreditation.

Dec 30th 2015

by Samantha Fearnley


Three brands that nailed online competitions in 2015

Online competitions are a potential minefield for digital advertisers. I’ve looked at three of the best from 2015, and explained just what it was that made them work.

Dec 29th 2015

by Jessica Maccio