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How five retailers got their social media strategy right on Black Friday week

Social media has grown to be one of the key channels for retailers during the Black Friday period, but ecommerce brands are taking very different approaches to capture consumers in this crucial period.

Dec 12th 2019

by Sarah Barker

The 20:20 Vision: Twenty digital predictions for 2020

Just what will be the big tends, the big stories and the key things that could influence your strategy in 2020? We asked the Stickyeyes team for their views on what they think we’ll be talking about in the coming year.

Dec 11th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Retailers show restraint, but Black Friday remains a fierce battleground

Black Friday week has grown to be arguably the biggest week in the retail calendar but amid uncertainty on the High Street, retailers seem to taking a much closer look at the bottom line, rather than the headline discount.

Dec 10th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Five key marketing challenges - and how to fix them

Stickyeyes Account Manager Scarlett Whittell discusses five key challenges that she believes marketers are facing - and will continue to face inn 2020.

Nov 22nd 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Stickyeyes picks up two UK Search Awards

We’re delighted to have been named Best Large Integrated Search agency at the 2019 UK Search Awards.

Nov 20th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

From stand-up comedian to digital marketer: How insights from past careers can improve what we do

A door man, a journalist, and a stand-up comedian walk into a digital marketing agency. It may sound like the set-up for a corny joke, but as Stickyeyes has found, this description is more likely the formula for a growing and successful agency.

Nov 18th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

How can email marketing stay relevant?

How does email marketing stay effective and relevant in the post-GDPR world? Jasmine Kendal and Hannah Loudon discuss what the future holds for email marketing and eCRM on In Conversation.

Nov 5th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Stickyeyes climbs again in Econsultancy Top 100

Stickyeyes has climbed to position 33rd place in the 2019 edition of Econsultancy’s ranking of the UK’s top 100 agencies.

Oct 18th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Stickyeyes scoops five UK Search Award nominations

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for five awards at the 2019 UK Search Awards.

Oct 4th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

How to avoid idea dilution

You've come up with a fantastic creative idea, only for it to be chipped away by stakeholder after stakeholder. What's left is a very different idea from the one that you were passionate about. So how do you prevent "idea dillution"?

Sep 30th 2019

by Jonathan Brown