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Five ways to perfect your copywriting

You’ve got a story to tell and a message share, but are you doing it in the most effective way? Here are Hannah Scorfield’s five tips to ensure that your words are making the optimal impact.

Sep 13th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Why Black Friday retailers need to ditch the short-term thinking

Calm, considered and thinking about the long haul – why your digital Black Friday strategy should be everything that Black Friday isn’t.

Aug 30th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Five techniques for optimising your Google Shopping campaign

Google Shopping Ads have grown to become an extremely effective way for ecommerce brands to get their products in front of their target customers but as competition intensifies, how can retail brands ensure that they are using their budget effectively, keeping CPCs low and margins high?

Aug 30th 2019

by Rebecca Johnson

How should ecommerce brands set their strategy for Black Friday?

How should ecommerce brands approach their Black Friday Strategy? Sarah Barker, Head of Biddable Media at Stickyeyes, shared her views with In Conversation.

Aug 29th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Why ecommerce brands need a clear mission for their Black Friday strategy

As competition becomes fierce and discounting puts the squeeze on margins, ecommerce brands need to think carefully about their mission for the Black Friday spending frenzy.

Aug 29th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Talk of the package holidays demise could be greatly exaggerated

The rise of hotel booking sites and low-cost airlines led to significant shifts in how consumers travel, but could the tide be turning back in the favour of the package tour operators?

Aug 27th 2019

by Steve Williams

Getting the board to buy-in to your marketing ideas

Getting the board and the CEO to buy into your ideas is one of the biggest challenges that marketers face, so how do you convince the boardroom that your idea is worth backing?

Aug 9th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

It's time to stop neglecting user testing

As user experience becomes a part of the Google alghorithm and as consumers expect more and more from their digital experiences, user testing is now more important than ever. Despite this, many brands are still neglecting this important step in the process - but why is that?

Aug 5th 2019

by Andy Duke

Rise of the Robots: How well can machines measure UX? Search Leeds 2019

Google claims that user experience is an important part of the search algorithm, but just how well can Google measure this? Can a search engine rely on machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms to determine what makes a good (and bad) user experience?

Aug 2nd 2019

by Andy Duke

The five stages of managing a social media crisis

A social media crisis has the potential to consume even the biggest of brands. But by following these five steps, you can ensure that you minimise, manage and recover your business through a social media storm.

Jul 26th 2019

by Eloise Austin