Optimising your PPC ads to make the most of Google’s mobile SERP update

Google has unveiled a new look for their mobile search results page which puts a website’s branding “front and centre”. Tom Clough, Biddable Media Lead, looks at what impact this could have on the performance of your PPC campaigns and what you need to do to maximise the opportunity.

Jul 18th 2019

by Tom Clough

Why the walls between SEO and PPC needs to come down if we are going to deliver the transparency that the C-suite demands

As the boardroom increasingly calls for greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency from marketing, too many marketers are actively engaging in practices that defy those demands. It’s time for a model to change that.

Jul 11th 2019

by Sarah Barker

How to get your videos get found on YouTube

What does it take to get your content found on YouTube? James Pierechod shares some of his experiences and takes a closer look behind YouTube's 'P-score'.

Jul 5th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

We asked the Stickyeyes Creative team - Why do you write?

Earlier this week we celebrated 'National Writing Day'. To mark the occasion we asked some of the Marketing Communications team: "why do you write?"

Jun 28th 2019

by Lisa Wisniowski

Webinar: 3 ways you’re wasting your biddable media budget….and how to fix it!

There are more opportunities to buy media than ever before but, do you know exactly where you’re spending your budget, what you’re spending it on and how to optimise your campaigns to get the best returns? Sign up to our webinar with Smart Insights on Wednesday 3rd July at 12pm.

Jun 27th 2019

by Lisa Wisniowski

Five questions you need to ask to improve your CRM and marketing automation strategy

Just how do you make sure that your eCRM and marketing automation strategy is delivering the insight, the intelligence and the sales leads that you need?

Stickyeyes' CRM manager Jasmine Kendal takes you through the five key questions that you need to ask to make sure that your eCRM strategy is delivering the content that your audiences crave, as well as the leads and opportunities that your sales team demand.

Jun 21st 2019

by Jasmine Kendal

Slide download: Search Leeds 2019

Download Stickyeyes slides from Sarah Barker, Head of Biddable Media and Andy Duke, Head of Design and Development at Search Leeds 2019.

Jun 20th 2019

by Lisa Wisniowski

Book your ticket now: Legal Marketing Masterclass - Thursday 20th June 2019

Want to know how to maximise your investment in digital? Join this unique event - London, Thursday 20th June 9am-12pm - hosted by Stickyeyes and Microsoft to find out more.

Jun 17th 2019

by Lisa Wisniowski

Five key steps to improve your mobile SEO visibility

These five key steps can help to ensure that you aren’t losing out in the search results due to poor mobile experiences.

Jun 12th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Stickyeyes and LG win at UK Content Awards

Stickyeyes and LG answer the Call of Duty at the 2019 UK Content Awards!

Jun 7th 2019

by Michael Hewitt