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Four key talking points for you and your agency in 2020

Search marketing doesn’t stand still, so just what should you and your agency be talking about in 2020 when it comes to refining your strategy?

Feb 21st 2020

by Michael Hewitt

How writers can take ownership of their work

Alana Cannon explains how writers can learn how to embrace – and control – their creative side and take ownership over their content.

Feb 20th 2020

by Alana Cannon

Stickyeyes plays host to sold-out women in tech event

It was a night of inspirational advice and moving stories as 20 incredible speakers came to Stickyeyes Headquarters to speak at the Women in Leeds Digital community event.

Jan 31st 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Webinar with Smart Insights: Top tips for driving leads and optimising conversions in 2020

Do you struggle to get customers to your site? Are you unsure where you should focus your time and resource when people actually start engaging with your content? Join our webinar on Wednesday 29th January and get your sales pipeline off to a flying start in 2020.

Jan 21st 2020

by Lisa Wisniowski

Keeping your brand relevant in zero clicks: featured snippets and more

As Google starts answering more and more questions on your behalf, brands need to think carefully about the questions that they can actually answer if they want to stay relevant in organic search.

Jan 21st 2020

by Vincent Krasauskas

Claire Cooke and Mark Preston join Stickyeyes strategy team

We're thrilled to welcome Claire Cooke, Associate Content Director and Mark Preston, Client Strategy Manager to the Stickyeyes team. They join our Solutions team who are responsible for the strategic development and critical analysis of all client campaigns.

Dec 18th 2019

by Lisa Wisniowski

How five retailers got their social media strategy right on Black Friday week

Social media has grown to be one of the key channels for retailers during the Black Friday period, but ecommerce brands are taking very different approaches to capture consumers in this crucial period.

Dec 12th 2019

by Sarah Barker

The 20:20 Vision: Twenty digital predictions for 2020

Just what will be the big tends, the big stories and the key things that could influence your strategy in 2020? We asked the Stickyeyes team for their views on what they think we’ll be talking about in the coming year.

Dec 11th 2019

by Michael Hewitt

Retailers show restraint, but Black Friday remains a fierce battleground

Black Friday week has grown to be arguably the biggest week in the retail calendar but amid uncertainty on the High Street, retailers seem to taking a much closer look at the bottom line, rather than the headline discount.

Dec 10th 2019

by Sarah Barker

Five key marketing challenges - and how to fix them

Stickyeyes Account Manager Scarlett Whittell discusses five key challenges that she believes marketers are facing - and will continue to face inn 2020.

Nov 22nd 2019

by Michael Hewitt