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Migration 101 (not 404): Download the slides

Download Richard's slides from his presentation, Website 101, not 404, from BrightonSEO 2021

Mar 26th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

Why you should join us at BrightonSEO for Website Migration 101 (not 404)

This week, we’re talking SEO migrations at BrightonSEO. Senior SEO Lead Richard Hird takes to the virtual stage, and here’s why you should join us.

Mar 22nd 2021

by Richard Hird

What you’ll get from the in-house marketer’s guide to maximising your user search experience.

As part of BrightonSEO 2021, we’re teaming up with our friends at Zazzle Media to provide a free, self-guided training programme to help in-house marketers enhance and optimise the experience that they provide to their search users. Here’s what you’ll get from the programme, and why you should sign-up.

Mar 17th 2021

by Michael Hewitt

Katie Fincham presents at The CMA's Women in Content event for International Women's Day

Stickyeyes Earned Communications Director, Katie Fincham, joined The CMA panel on Women in Content to celebrate International Women's Day 2021. Alongside amazing speakers from Bloomberg and SevenC3 who produce Sainsbury’s magazine brand, Katie spoke about the power of connections and embracing change alongside eight other things she's learn in a decade in content marketing. Catch up on the event and read Katie's thoughts.

Mar 16th 2021

by Lisa Wisniowski

Five characteristics of high-quality content

High-ranking content isn’t always the highest quality content. However, browsing the top search engine results pages (SERPs) for anything from recipes for your favourite dish to a how-to guide for cleaning the patio will reveal a few things about the way such content is created and curated.

Mar 15th 2021

by Vincent Krasauskas

Stick Together Women's Network - A Year in Review

As we celebrate International Women's Day 2021, our #sticktogether Women's Network take a look back at what we've achieved as a Group during lockdown. From virtual event attendance, book and documentary discussions as well as Learning Lunches, we also take the opportunity to celebrate some of the experiences of our team in a less than normal year!

Mar 8th 2021

by Lisa Wisniowski

Stickyeyes to share website migration experience at BrightonSEO 2021

Stickyeyes and Zazzle Media will be taking to the virtual stage at this Spring's BrightonSEO, explaining how to avoid the risks and the pitfalls of an SEO migration project.

Mar 3rd 2021

by Michael Hewitt

SEO News Monthly Roundup - March 2021

In this months SEO monthly roundup, we explore Google’s new requirements for events structured data, Google's passage ranking going live for US English queries, changes to Core Web Vitals reporting in Google Search Console and Google’s John Mueller confirming that duplicate content is not a negative ranking factor.

Mar 2nd 2021

by Stickyeyes

Stickyeyes’ Jonny Artis and Lee Allen appointed Global Head of Experience and Global Head of Product for holding agency Reprise.

We're thrilled to announce that Reprise, part of IPG Mediabrands, has appointed Stickyeyes’ Jonny Artis as SVP, Global Head of Experience and Lee Allen as SVP, Global Head of Product.

Mar 1st 2021

by Lisa Wisniowski

iGaming SEO Tracker: Which bookmakers are leading the field prior to Cheltenham?

A slightly different feel to horse racing this year as the crowds follow the races online and on TV but, with Cheltenham and the Grand National driving a huge volume of bets as well as acquisition of new customers we examine who is leading the search results? We take a look at the data as part of our monthly series on SEO visibility in iGaming.

Feb 23rd 2021

by Michael Hewitt