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SEO News Monthly Roundup – September 2020

Can you have too many outbound links? What is the truth with canonicalisation? How can retailers better control how their products appear in search results? These questions and more are answered in this month's SEO round-up.

Sep 15th 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Feedback is a gift: How and why writers should respond to constructive criticism

Writers shouldn't fear feedback - and why people shouldn't feel awkward about providing it honestly. Feedback is what makes us all better.

Sep 8th 2020

by Steve Clarkson

The ‘new normal’ isn’t that new. Many trends were there before Covid hit

The growth of direct-to-consumer brands is not just about the flight to ecommerce during Covid, but also offering convincing answers to consumers’ questions.

Sep 8th 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Staying creative when working from home

Our team explains how they’ve kept their creative juices flowing while we’ve been away from the office and how we’re improving our skills as a result.

Sep 2nd 2020

by Stephanie Mantle

1-2-1 career advice sessions - Leeds Digital Festival 2020

Interested in a career in digital or, already along your career path and planning your next steps? As part of Leeds Digital Festival 2020, we’re offering up one-to-one hourly advice sessions with some of the most experienced people we know in hiring the best talent around including Heads of Recruitment, Heads of Departments, Managing Directors and self-employed entrepreneurs. Book your session now!

Aug 26th 2020

by Lisa Wisniowski

SEO News Monthly Roundup – August 2020

With Google's Rich Results Test moving out of beta, thumbnail images being tested in the SERP's and Twitter being removed from Google's results pages momentarily, August has already been a very busy month for the search engine. Catch up on the latest SEO news, now.

Aug 17th 2020

by Stickyeyes

How to use the right data to super-charge your PPC automation and create smarter marketing strategies.

There is no reason to fear the creep of automation coming to paid search. Instead, we should embrace it so that we can do what we humans do best – come up with incredible paid search strategies.

Aug 6th 2020

by Sarah Barker

Changing consumer journeys and the COVID-19 impact: Five key findings from our ecommerce whitepaper

Our latest ecommerce whitepaper discussed some of the key trends, forecasts and learnings for the retail, FMCG and consumer packaged goods sectors. These sectors have seen huge changes as a result of COVID-19 but just to what extent has the pandemic changed consumer behaviour?

Here are the five key findings from our research and what they mean for marketers in these sectors.

Jul 29th 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Technology industry search marketing analysis 2020

Who is winning the race for online visibility in the technology sector? Which brands are struggling to optimise their customer journeys and how do technology brands fare when ranked by trust, relevancy and engagement? Our technology sector report is out now.

Jul 8th 2020

by Lisa Wisniowski

Stickyeyes Green Team get growing in lockdown

Our Green Team recently set the Stickyeyes Group the challenge of growing our own plants or produce during lockdown. The results were surprisingly impressive!

Jul 2nd 2020

by Stickyeyes