Sharpening your focus

When brands are falling over each other to connect with audiences across the world, the skills necessary to put together a compelling message are in huge demand. The digital world is the perfect place in which to make yourself heard in growing markets.

But when your existing content isn’t consistently scoring well with search engines, you need to ensure that your message is resonating loudly enough for new and potential customers to notice. Optimised content is the tried and tested way to make sure your business grows with customers’ needs, and emerging digital trends.

Get back on your customers’ wavelength.

Putting content back on track

Many companies dedicate a lot of time and energy creating an online resource that spans their operations from top to bottom, front to back. While this particular strategy is effective in establishing a brand presence from the outset, the temptation is there to simply let the content sit and gather dust.

At Stickyeyes, we’d rather let that content breatheLet optimised copywriting continue to work for you in drawing readers and prospective customers.

This is why our experienced SEO copywriting team is tasked with site refreshes and continual updates through blogs, how-to guides and industry news. Repurposing and reformatting your existing content assets allows brands to engage with their audiences time and time again.

We believe that identifying and addressing your customers’ needs through fresh, engaging content is a key factor in keeping them along for the ride.

A fresh take on content

Our focus on livening up and airing your content is the reason some of the world’s biggest brands trust us to keep them atop the rankings.

In delivering major content projects for the likes of GlaxoSmithKline, Hertz and Staples, we’ve kept audiences returning in multiple territories on a global scale.

For more information, get in touch to hear how we continue to engage and interest worldwide audiences.