Uncovering the real value of your content

The biggest challenge with content marketing is demonstrating the ROI. We passionately believe in delivering tangible returns on investment with everything that we do and content marketing is no exception. Whether you want to drive sales or traffic, build brand advocacy and loyalty, or increase your social media reach with a target audience, we can set quantifiable goals to make sure your content marketing is measurable.

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Reporting results and refining your campaign

Content marketing, like your audience, is constantly changing and evolving. Brands need to understand these changes and adapt their approach to keep their audiences engaged. The needs and desires of your customers will never remain the same, so your content shouldn’t either. Our analytics consultants delve deep into your content activity throughout your campaign, assessing the effectiveness of each and every piece of content to constantly evolve your strategy. Depending on the metrics set, our content marketing reports will evaluate anything from the relevancy of your onsite content and the use of keywords in pulling in traffic, to the value of external links and their ability to drive authority when working out the effectiveness of your campaign.

Making waves with micro-content reviews and optimisation

Sometimes, the smallest of changes can make the biggest of impacts, which is why we take our micro-content reviews so seriously – they can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Whether it is a simple tweak to your booking process or complete optimisation of a contact form, changes like these can have a huge influence on ROI. Our content experts will review the microscopic detail from your headings and sub-headings, content title tags and meta descriptions, to your URLs and filenames to make sure your content is right for you and your business.