Community management versus Social Media management

There’s a bigger difference between community management and social media management than you may think. At Stickyeyes, we offer both and are happy to advise on the best process for your brand.

A community management service incorporates several individuals managing different platforms or channels, different territories or different companies under your brand. This as well as literally managing the community – enforcing guidelines amongst conversation and moderating the content that’s being shared. These elements can then be led as a whole by your brand or by one social manager of the community, in order to fully direct the community management.

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Multi-channel community management

For an international brand, social channel management is an essential part of the community management we offer. With several territories to cater for, we have a social media manager in place for each market, meaning we have a relevant and local knowledge of the territory and the expertise to guide on how your brand can develop. This allows conversations to be sufficiently managed without needing a drawn-out chain of conversation, meaning you get responses and engagement, fast.

The bigger your brand, the more hours of work required to make sure each channel’s voice is perfectly honed to its audience. In turn, this contributes to a continually improving social media presence that you can be proud of, which is where we come in.

A community-led strategy

In order to get the best for your brand and its audience, we work in full partnership with you to develop the strategy. This ensures a collaborative experience for social media – expanding your brand, not separating it.

Social media management for a community – no matter how big or small – is something we can excel in for your business, contributing international knowledge, a multi-channel and multi-platform approach and, most importantly, years of experience in this field.

If you’re looking to take the pressure of delivering a quality social media experience out of your day-to-day responsibilities, get in touch so we can effectively tailor our services to your needs.