Develop your online presence

As online conversation grows at a fast-paced rate, your brand needs to be in the centre in order to be noticed by the right people.

A social media manager for your brand can vastly improve your online presence and expose you to a brand new audience.

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More than just social content

Social media management offers more than just posting on behalf of your brand. The fully managed package incorporates social media monitoring to make sure your brand can be found in the right place at the right time.

Customer service can play a big part of social media, depending on your brand. The need for customer satisfaction online has expanded, meaning a quick response time and a tailored, relevant reply is essential. We can offer support and training to ensure this runs smoothly across social whilst complementing your long-term brand strategy.

As part of a managed service comes the end results. Social reports to suit your brand initiatives provide a visible, comprehensive record of how well your brand is doing on social media. Whether you’re measuring social conversions, campaign-specific traffic or you just want to know how engaged your audience are, we have that covered.

The people behind social

The role of a social media manager is labour-intensive as they keep up to date with social media trends and keep customers happy and engaged across several social platforms. They serve as the eyes and ears of your brand on social media.

Our Leeds-based digital agency has a wealth of experience in social media. The social media managers working on your brand themselves have a strong personal social presence, along with local knowledge across several territories to contribute to an in-touch international social media strategy.

If social media management is an important next step for your business, let us talk you through how we can help you.