Social Media tools

Covering all the bases

Social media tools are paramount to a successful social media strategy, especially when your brand is spread across multiple channels and territories, or needs a social presence for individual campaigns. Whilst we offer a quality social media management service at Stickyeyes, utilising fantastic social media tools means you get the results you need without throwing away resource and time. Depending on which elements you need to report on or need to monitor, integrating your activity with the right social media tool could be exactly what you need for a more efficient social media strategy.

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Making sure you get the right results

With the sheer amount of social media tools on the market, choosing the right option for your activity on social media can be confusing. This is where we come in. The social team at Stickyeyes is in touch with social media management tools, what’s new and what’s relevant. The most popular choice may not be the most relevant choice for your brand. With pros and cons for each tool available we take that difficult choice out of the equation and make sure your social media is managed effectively and efficiently.

Experience across the world

We pride ourselves on our multi-lingual team. Our experienced and passionate international team will ensure even global social strategies are covered. Social media tools are an essential part of nailing your social strategy and means you have full visibility across all your markets and active channels, often in one place. You can leave the management to us, but you will still have full visibility of all the social media activity carried out on your behalf.

Ready to streamline your social media activity? Get in touch to learn more about our experience with social media tools and how they can work for you, or take a look through the rest of our social media services to make sure your social strategy is as strong as possible.