The online conversation

You’re putting out great social content and you’re getting engagement, but your social presence should be a conversation, not just a one-way output. Listening to your audience is a key part of any marketing strategy, and the same goes for social media.

Social media monitoring allows you to observe your audience and have full visibility of what people are saying about you. This means that you can actively improve and strengthen your social strategy without manually searching through your mentions and citations on social – an essential to streamline your social media strategy and keep it efficient.

Keeping in the green

Social monitoring offers valuable insight into your audience and perhaps the most important element of this is the ease of seeing the positives and negatives of your brand. With help from social media analytics, you can spot the areas to build and improve on, almost instantly.

At Stickyeyes, we use our own in-house tool, Socialeyes, for your brand. Socialeyes offers insight into your brand, or social media campaign, providing insights into online conversations, as well as relevant social metrics to measure your social success.

Engaging in the conversation

The choice for social media monitoring tools is extensive, with different options available to tweak depending on what you’re looking for. Some allow you to sit back and see who’s talking about you, whilst others give an element of engagement allowing you to join in with the online conversation.

No matter what level of involvement you want as a brand, this is where we can help. We will act as an extension of your brand to make sure your social strategy is nailed and the online conversation remains as positive as possible.

Get in touch to see which element of social media monitoring is right for your business and how we can work together.