Video consultancy that makes a difference

More and more brands are investing heavily in video content, and digital audiences are increasingly relying on video as part of the customer journey.

But does your brand have the right strategy, or a strategy at all, for engaging your audience through video? That’s where our video marketing consultants can help.

Our video consultants not only understand video, they understand digital content. They understand what works, how audiences respond to it, and where those audiences are active. That’s what determines whether or not your video is a success.

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Bringing your video to life

Our video marketing consultants bring a digital-first perspective to your campaign.

Our consultants will audit your existing content – both video and non-video, to build a complete digital strategy that will deliver your ambitions. We want to tell the story of your brand, bring your product to life, and reach the audiences that matter to you.

International video consultants

Our video consultants have advised and delivered strategy for some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

We can tailor your strategy to any territory, any language and any market. That’s because we have digital specialists from around the world, all employed full-time and in-house. More than 30 languages are spoken in our Leeds HQ, by nationals of each and every market that we serve.

We believe that having these skills in-house means that we can really understand the nuances of international video marketing. We know how to engage those audiences in each and every territory because, in essence, we are those audiences.