Building your video marketing strategy

Brands are increasingly turning to video as a medium for engaging their audiences, but does your brand actually have a defined video marketing strategy to ensure that your investment delivers a return?

Lots of brands are dedicating resources into video without having a dedicated video strategy, which means that they may not be fully realising the potential of their video content.

Digital consumers are continually craving video content, they’re trawling YouTube for inspiration, information and entertainment and, with the right YouTube strategy, you could be making a big impression on those audiences.

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A video marketing strategy like no other

Stickyeyes takes a different approach to video strategy. We’re digital first, which means that we understand not just how to make video for digital, but how you can get that content in front of the audiences that matter to your brand.

It starts with a thorough video content auditing process. It may be that your brand already has a wealth of video content, and that it just needs to be brought to life and distributed to the audiences that matter to you. Perhaps you have content in other mediums that translates to digital? Whatever your current situation, our video content audits are about unlocking the potential of that content.

Our experienced creatives will bring your story to life, using the latest production and animation techniques, to create a multi-channel, multi-device video strategy that connects with modern digital audiences.

Global video marketing strategies

Our approach to video marketing is trusted by some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

We can tailor your strategy to any territory, any language and any market. That’s because we have digital specialists from around the world, all employed full-time and in-house. More than 30 languages are spoken in our Leeds HQ, by nationals of each and every market that we serve.

We believe that having these skills in-house means that we can really understand the nuances of international video marketing. We know how to engage those audiences in each and every territory because, in essence, we are those audiences.