Microsite design that will get you noticed

Whether your blog is aimed at businesses or consumers, there can be little doubt that reaching your audience relies on engaging visual content. Simply presenting a page of flat text is not enough in an era of mobile and social media – you need colourful photos and typography, imaginative infographics, animations and video, to have any standout.

If you want your content marketing to work, you need a microsite design that will deliver your content effectively on every platform, wherever your customers are. You need to know that it is optimised from both a technical and a user experience perspective.

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The experts at blog development

Here at Stickyeyes we know how to make sure your blog has the reach and impact you’re looking for. Our design and development team can produce attention-grabbing infographics, enticing animations and shareable videos that bring your content to life, all optimised for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

As an award-winning authority on search engine optimisation, not only can we help you make sure your content is presented in a logical, consistent and appealing format, we can also provide the technical and key-word optimisation that will ensure Google and the wider public pay attention.

Big brand microsite development

Over the last 20 years Stickyeyes has helped international brands including Gala, Hertz and Staples create blog content that engages consumers and gets nationwide exposure via news outlets.

Together with our blogger outreach service Best British Bloggers, we can also help you generate fresh and innovative blog content that will get people talking about your products and services, sharing your brand messages and converting more customers.

Like to know more? Have a look at our case studies and see how we can help you.