Exciting, shareable infographic design

With increased access to the internet and social media, comes increased exposure to information. But how can you make sure that the data you want to share, that supports your brand and your products and services, stands out? That’s when you need infographics to make your story memorable and easier to understand.

Infographics work by making complicated information more accessible, by taking raw data and transforming it into a relatable narrative that illustrates what your facts and figures mean in the real world.

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Infographic creation for social and mass media

Stickyeyes’ design and development team is experienced in all forms of data visualisation, from traditional charts and graphs to diagrams and flowcharts. We can produce simple typographic solutions or more complex interactive or animated presentations. The best solution depends on the data, where you want to show it and, of course, the budget you have for the project.

We can provide expert content editors and copywriters to bring out the most compelling insights in your data, and experienced PR professionals to help you generate social and news coverage for your story. All of which can help build your brand awareness and improve your search results.

Creating compelling infographics for 20 years

Stickyeyes has over two decades’ experience in creating high-quality, shareable infographics that will get you noticed. We’ve worked on content campaigns for an international clientele including household names such as GlaxoSmithKline, Hertz and Staples.

If you have a story that you want to share with your customers visually, we can take your data and make sure that it is represented accurately and clearly. Then we’ll add a visual narrative that brings it to life for your new and existing customers alike.

Sound good? Read some of our case studies to see what our infographics can do for your business.