Increase your reach with responsive web design

The ways your customers can access your website are changing all the time. Screen sizes vary from phones to phablets, tablets to laptops, desktops to games consoles, widescreen TVs to wearables. What is clear is that a one-size-fits-all approach to web design is no longer a realistic proposition.

Websites need to be built so that the content automatically adjusts to suit the screen space available. You need a liquid design approach that gives every user the best visual and interactive experience with the least possible panning and scrolling.

You need to reach all of your audience.

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Intelligent, mobile-responsive design

Stickyeyes’ design and development team is committed to responsive web design. We begin by designing an effective, fully-functioning mobile website first then, using the principles of progressive enhancement, enable the website to add more sophisticated features and interactivity where the customer’s browser or device allows.

Our developers then employ the latest optimisation techniques, creating lighter code, smaller image files and prioritising visible content, to ensure your site provides a fast, rewarding user experience on 3G and 4G mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi and land line connections.

Making big brands more mobile responsive

Stickyeyes has helped a wide array of household names, including Admiral Insurance, Staples and Hertz, to enjoy the benefits of a mobile responsive web presence.

So whether you need a mobile e-commerce website to sell products or a brochure site to showcase your services, a mobile website solution to drive footfall or an interactive social app to increase brand engagement, we can help.

Want to know more? Visit our case studies page and discover how much we can do for you.