UX testing to increase conversions

Usability testing, or UX testing, takes the subjectivity out of web design by gathering feedback directly from your customers or target audience. This means that, when you launch your website, you can be confident that it is fit for purpose, that your customers will understand the navigation and that they can easily complete the desired action or actions.

UX testing helps your customers enjoy an effortless, enjoyable visit that will encourage them to return to your website in the future, improving your cost per conversion and return on investment.

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User testing for customer-focused design

At Stickyeyes, we appreciate the value of holding usability tests to see whether users can find the information they need, understand how they perform the desired response, and identify the points where they experienced any difficulties. This enables us to rework the designs to help ensure your customers enjoy a more satisfying visit and you benefit from more responses.

We can also help you by developing a responsive, mobile-optimised design that means your customers enjoy the best user experience wherever they are, and whatever device they use.

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Taking the guesswork out of web usability

At Stickyeyes we believe in applying usability testing to create hard-working, data-driven website designs that will deliver the conversions you need. It’s a tactic that has produced great results for famous brands including Staples, Hertz and Admiral.

We can manage the whole user testing process for you, from creating designs and sourcing competitor sites for testing, to recruiting and managing the test subjects, to collating their responses and making our recommendations to share with you.

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