Getting up close and personal with your digital strategy

When it comes to digital strategy, we’re an agency that likes to get hands-on. Sometimes, that means getting that little bit closer to our clients.

Stickyeyes has provided in-housing services for some of the world’s leading and most innovative digital brands, embedding our digital specialists to lead marketing teams around the world. It means that our clients can benefit from our expertise face-to-face, on their premises, leading their teams to improve efficiency, execution and effectiveness.

A fresh approach to agency in-housing

We believe that in-housing can provide a fresh perspective and approach for brands to achieve digital success. By bringing our specialists into their internal teams, the brands we work with have been able to fast-track their capabilities to deliver transparent and immediate results.

We have worked with several global brands to help them define and deliver their digital strategy, to address recruitment and resource concerns, and to create a true digital centre of excellence within their organisation. These organisations span multiple territories, time zones and cultures and our specialists have brought these teams together to create and deploy effective digital strategies.

Whether it is providing interim support for short-term projects, through to long-term strategic partnerships, our approach is about embedding the right talent into the right roles within your organisation to help you get the most from our digital strategy.

What we offer

  • Embedded in-housing service.
  • Short-term and long-term resource provision.
  • Digital centre of excellence implementation.
  • Digital strategy consultancy.
  • Training services.