SCOT: Our content marketing tool

The Stickyeyes Content Optimisation Tool (or SCOT for short) is all about making your existing content work harder, and identifying where to introduce new content to your digital presence.

SCOT identifies which pages are most effectively targeting the keywords that matter to your brand, and highlights where there may be potential gaps in coverage, or underperforming pages. This provides you with an invaluable insight that points your content strategy in the right direction.

This insight allows us to accurately quantify on-page relevancy across massive keyword sets, benchmark relevancy and performance against key rivals in your space and trend improvements in on-page relevancy against performance growth.

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ROADMAP: Our unique SEO tool

Roadmap is a bespoke SEO tool that allows us to plot your path to success. This unique tool, developed by our SEO specialists, assesses more than 120 known and potential ranking factors to identify precisely what is driving ranking performance in your search market.

This allows us to identify which algorithmic signals have the greatest impact on rankings and discover precisely how Google’s algorithm is changing over time. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition with a data-driven strategy that positions you prominently in your marketplace.

PINPOINT: The digital marketing tool that opens up new opportunities

Pinpoint is about harnessing big data to generate insights into your online audience, and new opportunities for reaching them.

This unique digital marketing tool uses data from multiple sources to produce fully rounded insight into your target audiences, including demographics, location, politics, professions, disposable income, hobbies, outlook on live, brand role preference and their values

This allows you to understand precisely how your target audiences behave online – providing you with the information you need to reach out to them.