PPC Account Auditing

Maximise return from your ppc activity


How do we approach Adwords review?

Each review is compiled together going through a methodical approach. We don’t follow a standard marking criteria, we apply our industry knowledge and PPC ‘know how’ to each tailored PPC account review. This means the reviews are not biased and will highlight weaknesses and opportunities for your PPC Account.

What the PPC account review looks at

First part of the Adwords auditing will assess if the overarching structure is following best practice or will cause growth issues. Having structured account is crucial for making sure all the elements of the account fit together. We are firm believer in putting the extra work in at this stage to make sure the paid search activity works at 110% and nothing less.

Further detail is reviewed in your account around keyword selection. Are there any missing obvious themes of keywords or any exceptionally poor keywords? Within this second we will provide analysis on quality score and the potential missed opportunity as well as how we will adopt a quality score strategy.

Messaging and copy forms a large part of the review. We will review if your PPC account is utilising all available ad extensions and ensure robust ad copy testing is in place.

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