Paid mobile advertising evolution

Mobile advertising isn’t going to happen, it already has happened. UK searches are now mobile first, this means you must have a mobile strategy in place to capitalise if you don’t already. PPC mobile strategies must go beyond different creative or a minor update to bid multiplier.

The PPC mobile landscape has changed drastically over the past 4 to 5 years. Google itself has not only created innovative mobile products, but has also been at the forefront of making mobile work for brands. As a major revenue stream for Google and its advertisers, making mobile work has become a central part to PPC.

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Google mobile advertising strategy

Local inventory ads (LIAs) are available within Google to allow mobile users to see what is available in stores. This is proving to be successful, and is back up with in store visit tracking whereby Google can relate a search ad click back to visiting a store.

Beyond this, new features include allowing to anchor what device take president in bidding. Given the mobile first world, should you be focussing on mobile, tablet or desktop bids?

If you don’t have a mobile advertising, or even a tablet advertising strategy in place, now is the time to address this.