Social Media Advertising

Social media strategy that gets results


Audience, audience, audience

Central to any social advertising campaign is targeting the correct audience. There are many ways and means to segment audiences through Facebook advertising. Make sure you utilise your 1st party audience data in the right way can deliver exceptional direct response.

Deploying your 1st party data for Facebook adverts and Twitter adverts, we can create highly targeted and tailored campaigns. We are able to use this to also find prospective customers who are exactly like your existing customers, therefore growing your exposure and sales with your core target market.

Get creative

Do you choose carousel ads to drive new customers or canvas ads as a branding exercise? No matter what your objective is we can guide you through what Facebook format to test and the biddable best practices plus what we know works well.

Don’t forget to harness video. Utilise YouTube advertising as a low cost tool to increase brand awareness. If you want to use this as an extension of TV activity or as part of the biddable mix, our experience across YouTube is second to none. Build high brand visibility at a fraction of the cost.

Pay per click specialists

From large recognisable brands through to new start up brands, we have developed trust through delivering stellar results.

Our expertise is not limited by industry, we have experts in all magnitudes of sectors, not just for the UK but also Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Learn more and see how we have delivered exceptional performance and return on spend through our case studies and intelligence reports.