Audience, audience, audience

Central to any Facebook PPC advertising campaign is targeting the correct audience. There are many methods to segment audiences through Facebook. Utilising audiences in the right way can deliver exceptional direct response.

Is your remarketing efforts reaching a highly targeted and high quality audience? If you are not getting the return through Facebook remarketing, it is a great sign that the audience strategy is most likely the cause.

Through controlled testing, we are able to extract your core customer and hunt down Facebook users with a very similar demographic and behavioural profile. In layering this and multiple other audience elements we are able to understand what type of customer delivers the results in a scalable way.

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Get creative

Do you choose carousel ads to drive new customers or canvas ads as a branding exercise? No matter what your objective is we are more than happy to guide you through what Facebook adverts to test and the biddable best practices plus what we know works well.

We like to go the extra mile in testing creative types, content and copy. In following a strategic methodology you will see lower cost per clicks and higher engagement.