Reach is simple, advanced display technology

Designed to deliver in instantaneous, quality, dynamic interactive display advertising to WordPress blogs and websites, Reach offers a new dimension to affiliate marketing and blogger outreach.

Content feeds from your website content directly into the system and a fully controlled Central Management System, allow instantaneous automatic display updates of your products, services and promotions across your network, speeding up time to market, reducing administration and handing you full control over your brand’s voice.

Reach for affiliate networks

The core benefits to you:

  • Relevant, interactive display advertising across your affiliate network
  • Elimination of manual content distribution across your network. Control what you want to display, when you want to display it
  • Rich media promotional content controlled through the Reach Management System
  • Interactive, conversion optimised technology

The core benefits to your affiliates:

  • Website/blog owner controls the language of the widget; ideal for multilingual affiliate programs
  • Website/blog owner controls the structural style of the widget to blend into their blog, without compromising your Brand
  • Website/blog owner has the ability to customise the category of content displayed, allowing targeted display advertising delivery that is relevant to the host site
  • Reach seamlessly integrates with affiliate programmes without user intervention, meaning the website/blog owner does not have to maintain the widget after installation….ever

Reach for SEO

Reach can also offer more than just dynamic, engaging display advertising; it has also been built to compliment your SEO strategy.

Key SEO features of Reach:

  • Establish robust, relevant brand content across all sites within your affiliate and blogger networks
  • Easily manage how links are displayed using Anchor text rules
  • Automated content and link updates ensure your traffic is always relevant and driven to key pages on your site