What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click Advertising system. We have a paid search team of experts who live and breathe Adwords.

In order for ads to display across Google you need an Adwords campaign which will contain a keyword (the search term you want ads to appear against) and ad copy with the message you want to display against this keyword. Keywords are given a bid which is the maximum you are willing to pay for a click on that search term. This enters into an auction when a search is made that triggers the ad to display. The bid, combined with other factors will determine where the ad shows and how much the cost per click will be.

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The three pillars to success

In the search world, your organisation will want to show on the most suitable search terms based on your objectives. To achieve this you will need to target the right keywords with the right copy at the right time. This can be easier said than done. Getting the PPC marketing fundamentals are necessary to gain stronger positions and lower costs.

Reaching the right audiences at the right place and right time is central to this approach. PPC unlike other channels has vast amounts of data. Working with that data to develop an understanding, insights and actionable output is pivotal to continual improvements and success.

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Pay Per Click specialists

From large recognisable brands through to new start up brands, we have developed trust through delivering stellar results.

Our expertise is not limited by industry, we have experts in all magnitudes of sectors, not just for the UK but also Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Learn more and see how we have delivered exceptional performance and return on spend through our case studies and intelligence reports.