Starting out on the right foot

Launching a new product into a market can be a daunting prospect, but hopefully to reach the stage of engaging an agency to provide support you have done some research into making it a viable option for your business.

How, where and when that product is launched is key. Even down to seasonal considerations, competitor activity and trends, choosing the right time will be crucial and you’ll need an agency with experience providing product launch consultancy services.

There are a number of ways you can ensure success – engaging with key influencers to endorse your product and generating positive conversation through a soft launch, or really hit the ground running with a large scale event, celebrating what makes you different to your peers.

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Product promotion

Once released into the big wide world, your product will need continued promotion in order for the message not to get lost or forgotten. This is where we’d put together a full strategic plan, aligning with your marketing strategy, but most importantly to keep positive mentions of your product in the media, online and on social.

Research is key

As a data-led digital agency, the research we undertake for product launches really sets us apart from other service providers. It informs each decision at every stage and reassures you that your brand is in the best hands.