Understanding what success looks like

Knowing how to set meaningful KPIs for your PR campaign and understanding what success looks like is key to any media activity. It’s easy for anyone to throw out words like ‘engagement’, but what does this really mean for your brand? What is the bottom line?

The modern online landscape demands that a brand has a broader presence than ever before. From owning their publishing activity with blogs or social media, to offering video content for their customers, understanding how to measure what success looks like can be tough – but it’s crucial.

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Tools that put us ahead of the rest

Often it’s difficult to find the right PR tools for the job – there are so many out there, so how do you find the most effective? Some organisations may be content to just use one or a handful of metrics to judge the effectiveness of a PR campaign. At Stickyeyes, we believe in the importance of data analysis in everything we do, including media relations and we have the tools to prove it.

We are Google Analytics accredited, which means we can measure the exact SEO impact from any campaign. Our in-house marketing tools have been created to uncover the best websites with the greatest impact, meaning that we consider the big picture when we’re researching the online publications to fit your brand story.

But that means nothing if you can’t speak to the right people at the right time, which is why we have access to the biggest journalist database in the country, covering both the UK and Europe.

Digital PR specialists

Our expertise and access to some of the best PR tools around has made us a leader in data-driven media relations and it’s why we have been trusted with some of the most high-profile brands in the world.

No matter what you want for your brand, whether it’s expanding your social reach or building your authority with the media, we have the right tools for the job.

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