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It sounds simple, right? Get your brand in front of the audiences that are most likely to engage with it. But with traditional ad buying, that’s harder than it sounds.

Traditional ad buying was all about assuming; assuming that your audience was reading that content, assuming that your audience was interested in what you were saying, and assuming that they were who you thought they were. Programmatic changes that.

Programmatic is about using the right data to pinpoint exactly who you want to reach, and perfecting your message for that audience. From demographic data through to online behaviour, you can reach more of the audiences you want to reach, and less of the ones you don’t.

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Stickyeyes and Cadreon: The perfect partnership

Stickyeyes is partnered with Cadreon, one of the first programmatic teams in the world, consisting of over 450 dedicated programmatic specialists working from 20 offices and servicing 68 markets worldwide for local and global clients including Johnson and Johnson, Amazon, Continental, GoPro and Zurich.

Working with Cadreon, we can deliver the most comprehensive, highest performing programmatic strategies in the market to help you reach your audiences, in real-time, in this multi-channel, multi-device age.

Our platform-neutral approach means we’re able to provide a uniquely open, flexible and unbiased approach which allows us to create the right solution for each individual client rather than adopting a one size fits all approach.

And with access to one of the world’s largest media inventories, we can ensure that your brand is reaching your audiences in the places where they are most active.

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