Want to know where to focus your time and resources when developing your digital strategy in 2019?

  • laptop

    Online visibility

    What you need to do to ensure your brand remains visible online

  • bar-chart

    Search optimisation

    How you can use paid and organic search to get more out of your budget, resources and agencies

  • target

    Optimising strategy

    How your strategy needs to change if you work in e-commerce or e-retail

  • people-connected

    Customer journey

    The importance of search intent and how to make your brand is visible throughout the customer journey

  • rocket

    Technical foundations

    Why technical foundations still matter

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About this whitepaper

For the fourth year running, this whitepaper tells you all you need to know about Google’s most recent algorithm update, the rising dominance of Amazon and its competitor marketplaces and the importance of building your strategy around audience intent.

If you’re responsible for developing and implementing your brands online strategy or for managing agency relationships then this guide is not to be missed.